Tally POS | Tally Point of Sale

Tally POS (Point of Sale) is the terminal where all the sales transaction are completed, You can calculate the total amount due by the customer, prepare an invoice and accept payment via various payment methods like Cash, Cheque, Debit card, Credit card, and Gift Vouchers. In Tally POS, to calculate the bill amount the merchant uses various methods like weighing scales, bar-code scanners, cash registers electronics and manual etc. However, the barcode scanner is most popular these days.

The point of Sale invoice features allows you to create invoices at a point of sales and to collect payment from your customers. POS can be a Retail outlet, a checkout counter or any other location where a sales transaction takes place.

The Tally POS system is a computerized trading system that automatically increases the sales volume, calculates the return value of the buyer, and automatically adjusts the stock level to reflect the amount sold. Some of the equipment requires for Tally Point of Sale to work effectively are the Cash Registers, Card Registers, Barcode scanners etc.


  • It helps to calculate sales and operate the Cash Drawer.
  • Manage Inventory and simplify Barcode Scanner operations
  • It provides a flexible and simpler way of querying your Inventory and Sales Databases.
  • It helps you to Track the product movement and the cost to push certain brands over others.
  • It tracks and records the time and date of every Sale made at your Point of Sale.

The Silent features of Tally Point of Sale (POS) are as follows:

  • Create a POS Invoice with the date and time of transaction.
  • Generates POS related reports such as Cash Registers, Sales Registers, and Inventory reports.
  • It provides management of gift cards, vouchers, admissions, discounts and so on.
  • Allows multiple modes of payment for a single invoice.
  • Facilitates cash and credit/debit transactions and track the balance to be tendered to the buyer.
  • It smooth all the cash, credit or debit transactions and track the balance to be tendered to the buyer.
  • Provides quantified tracking of sales and promotions.
  • Allows for real-time updating of Inventory and the option of quickly matching inventory with floor counts or physical stock.
  • Helps in identifying consumer-purchasing patterns.
  • Allows Barcode scanning of Stock Keeping Units (SKU) or items.
  • Ensures multi-level security control of cash and Inventory.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity at the point of sale.

Tally.ERP9 point of sale application can search your inventory database not only on products description or Stock Keeping Unit but also by product code, part number, keywords and so on. The stock summary report can be used to view the warehouse intelligence, batch details, and supplier details.