Tally Integration

TallyPrime has been developed with consideration that some users require features and capabilities that are not delivered from out of the box. This requires the ability to access other software applications.

TallyPrime is an ideal product for integration. It requires the ability to provide the necessary APIs for reading and writing. TallyPrime is one of the complete business solutions that offer different ways of integrating data. The various APIs found in Tally are

  • XML
  • ODBC
  • DLL

It provides seamless integration between application/database in two modes:

Online Mode

  • Tally to Tally using Synchronization.
  • Tally to External Application and vice versa using the Interfaces Available.
  • Use the HTTP interface to complete the web service.

Offline Mode

  • Tally to External Applications using Export.
  • Use imported XML formatted external application data.

The various terminologies mentioned above are described below:


The integration of TallyPrime is done by synchronization. All branches may periodically synchronize their data with the central office. Data Synchronization is a process in which data is replicated between two or more locations. It allows branch offices to send data centrally or vice versa over a network with a dynamic IP address or a static IP address. Data Synchronization flows in both ways, that is, the data flows to the Client server and vice versa.


If the masters and transactions are available in TallyPrime compatible XML format, they can be imported directly to TallyPrime.


TallyPrime allows reports to be output in four standard formats, ie.

  • ASCII (comma separated)
  • HTML
  • XML
  • Excel

Tally API’s

TallyPrime communicates with the External Application using these interfaces:

  • XML Interface (Get/Post): Using this interface, TallyPrime can act as a Server that delivers XML Requests from external applications. As a client, Tally can also submit an XML Request to a Web Service
  • ODBC Interface (Read Only): External Applications can retrieve data from TallyPrime database by making an ODBC / SQL call. Likewise, TallyPrime can receive data from an External Data Source using an ODBC / SQL call.
  • DLL: DLLs developed using another application can be used to perform operations that are not available in products. These external DLL can be called from TallyPrime using the Tally Definition Language.

With these capabilities, you can use TallyPrime as a single window application for all software products in your organization.