TallyPrime Server

TallyPrime Server is a “Class A” enterprise product for large and mid-sized companies that need growth to invest in the infrastructure that helps improve business productivity. By transforming existing “point-to-point” data access into “server-based” data management, TallyPrime Server helps to increase the power and control of TallyPrime Gold users.

The TallyPrime Server is built with multiple updates which provide the most efficient scalability. Equal priority is given to all the users and resolved in parallel with others. There is no queue to access or modify the request, so each user will feel that they are using a local copy or data snapshot. TallyPrime Server allows users to access/modify data based on their own snapshots so that other users can run smoothly.

With TallyPrime Server, new users can be easily added to the system without interfering with or blocking other users’ tasks. It also maintains very high consistency in dense environments. In general, for any large or medium-sized organization that requires an enterprise quality system, a low-cost ownership reduces maintenance and increases productivity.

Features of TallyPrime Server:


TallyPrime Server offers data concurrency so that multiple users can simultaneously load companies, save transactions, export reports, import data, print reports, take backup and perform other data related activities without experiencing any downtime or waiting. With this company can experience better data performance or speed of work. This feature helps the company in increasing productivity by assigning different task to multiple employees.


TallyPrime Server ensures the security of all your data by providing access control. This allows the business owner to allow data access permissions to only the required personnel. Here users are controlled by providing limited access to company data. Users do not have data path to make any changes like copying and editing the original backend data. This reduces the business owners risk.


TallyPrime Server ensures that your system is reliable with minimal downtime and continuous data availability. This allows you to access your company data from anywhere at any time. System failures can be caused by various reasons. For example: maintenance operations such as backups require users to stop working in order to ensure a consistent backup. With TallyPrime Server, a backup can be taken anytime without affecting either the speed of access for the user or the consistency of data.

In other words, users can continue entering transactions or use reports while the backup is in process. There is no downtime for backup.

Similarly, any kind of activity at the client end will ensure that it is kept isolated to the client. Neither the data on the server nor will the activities of any other user get impacted. This ensures that any loss of time due to system unavailability is minimized.

Business Process Optimization:

TallyPrime Server provides advanced monitoring and administrative control to business owners and administrators through its unique Monitoring feature. It analyzes system usage and user activity to optimize various operations and times spent on it. Since access is controlled through TallyPrime Server, authorized users will be able to monitor who is currently logged on, in which company the work is in progress, track the activities, and even disconnect users if necessary. Each business process or function requires users to perform certain activities and spend some time to input and/or to analyze information.

Example: when a user has to take data from bank statement and use it as input for the bank ledger on the system, for a reconciliation of balances.

A business may expect this BRS function to take 60 man hours in a month, TallyPrime reports suggest that some companies are taking 120 hours. This excellent analysis can help the business professionals to make correct decisions by reducing the number of man-hours spent on each task.

TallyPrime Server allows a user to discover such problems and work on the necessary changes in business function. The monitoring will help discover and optimize processes or system used for enhanced productivity, which would otherwise be extremely difficult to analyze the user’s performance.