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Web Design & Development

Great web presence requires a highly competent front-end application. Our specialist or developers team can change your best graphic designs to clean up the W3C approved marking, which has become the best possible development solution for our customers.

We specialize in Front-end development areas:

  1. A powerful interactive website, friendly interface, streamlined navigation
  2. Responsive web development for mobile
  3. Complex HTML 5 Animations, Gaming, and custom interaction
  4. Cross-browser, cross-platform, rich-content client apps with cross-device functionality

Custom Web Development

Complete custom Web Development solutions for your business organization. Our experts are specialized in running custom web development projects that are 100% accurate and exactly match your business needs. Our team is well versed in using the latest technologies to personalize everything from front-end view and impression to expert background programming resulting in a highly dynamic, fully functional and interactive web solution.

We specialize in Custom Web Development areas:

  • Community-focused sites
  • Complex e-commerce
  • Complex information sites
  • Multifunctional web portals
  • Membership / Subscription sites
  • Complex web applications
  • Social Networking Applications

Open Source Platform Development

Use ready-made development solutions to save time and money. Our development services including content management solutions, to deliver natural flexibility and fast turnaround at an extremely affordable cost.

We specialize in:

WordPress – Highly customizable CMS and blog engine

Drupal – Rich content management solution

Joomla – Best content publishing framework

Web Application Framework

Keeping in mind, the existence of a successful web presence includes a strong architecture, maximum versatility and the best coverage for future growth. We choose an appropriate programming framework for customer needs. Using the best practices, comprehensive code, base and coding principles for the organization, our team offers highly customizable solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Areas, we are experts in Web Application Framework:

  1. Symfony PHP Framework
  2. MS Silverlight
  3. CodeIgniter PHP Framework
  4. Laravel PHP Framework
  5. Zend PHP Framework
  6. MS Sharepoint
  7. Phalcon PHP Framework
  8. .NET MVC Framework

Why should Web Development Services be preferred?

  • A technically strong team of 100+ field experts with years of experience
  • Commitment to the best coding guidelines and quality standards
  • Clean W3C certified code compatible with multiple platforms and browsers
  • Highly sustainable website structure
  • Responsive user-friendly interfaces
  • Performance, load and stress test before delivery
  • Up-to-date techniques using the latest technologies
  • SEO optimized designs to increase ranking
  • Significantly less maintenance work
  • High security against malicious applications

What would you get?

  • Fully functional & useful web applications fit your business requirements and expectations.
  • Full control and transparency of the development process supported by seamless communication.
  • High solution productivity and scalability.
  • Mature QA program throughout the software development lifecycle.
  • Distribution, Stabilization, and support of the given application.
  • High application sustainability allowing reducing total cost of ownership.

Web Designing

Web design is the ability to create content often hypertext or hypermedia delivered to an end user via the World Wide Web. The goal of a web designer is to create a website that brings together electronic documents and applications in a web server. And also provide content and interactive features/interfaces in the form of a Web page whenever the end user needs. Items such as text, bitmapped images, GIFs, JPEGs, and forms can be placed on the page using HTML / XHTML / XML tags.

Display of complex media such as vector graphics, animations, videos and sounds requires Adobe Flash, QuickTime, Java runtime environment, and so on. Plug-ins are also placed on the web page using HTML / XHTML tags.

Expert skills for Web Designing:

If you have more than one website or portal and would like to work with full-time web designers and your own expert’s offshore team to work with your specific vision and concepts, then we can help you by offering exclusive web resources.

We have an excellent team of designers, graphic designers, a team of XHTML / CSS developers specializing in different design tools, and we have great experience in managing web design projects.

Special resources will work dedicatedly for you in the direction of your needs and you will have the financial advantages of off-shore development and control of the in-house staff. We can also provide specialists who can present web design, graphic design, and XHTML work together. You can hire a virtual team for a full-time web designing or custom designers will be available through Email and Phone.

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